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The products you see on our site are proven sellers. We operate our own retail stores on Kauai where we sell these same products at the suggested retail shown for each item. Our customers are looking for something different, something nostalgic, or something that they can give as a unique gift.

We use "A quality" maple plywood made in Oregon that is manufactured from US grown lumber. We cut our wood using a laser and we print using a flatbed UV printer that is basically a huge inkjet printer that dries the ink instantly using UV light. The result is a finished product that is a true work of art made to last years. 


The Details

We are based on the island of Kauai. All products are made to order, so it usually takes a couple of days for us to get your order out.

Postcards are ordered in quantities of 12. Namedrops or custom text is available at no charge, but requires approval before we do the print run. Coasters are ordered in multiples of four. We can do custom coasters, but need a 12 piece minimum per style to do this.

We offer free displays with a minimum order of 72 postcards or 36 coasters.

All orders are shipped by USPS flat rate boxes unless otherwise arranged.

Have a custom project or an idea for a new product? We'd love to hear about it. We are adding new art all the time.

We are here to help! If you have questions about our process, about the artwork, about what sells best... Call us or email us. We will be happy to lend an ear and give some guidance.

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